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Trucks over 7.5t MPW are banned from three Austrian border crossings

The Burgerland government tighten up freight transport on its roads and forbid hvg to use three border-crossings. Two Hungarian crossings are concerned: Sopron and Kópháza, and Sotina in Slovenia too.

From 15 th November Burgerland (Austria) has introduced a new local traffic restriction. The new law regulates the Hungarian and Slovenian transit traffic of heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 t MPW. 

The affected roads

The restriction applies to vehicles over 7.5 t MPW traveling from Hungary or Slovenia to Austria or vice versa. They must not use:

  • B16 between km 48+300 (roundabout B 16 / L 212) and km 52+120; border crossing point Sopron (H) - Klingenbach (A)
  • B62 between km 0+150 and 19+290; border-crossing point: Kópháza (H)-Deutschkreutz (A)
  • B58 between St. Martin an der Raab roundabout and Bonisdorf; border crossing point: Bonisdord (A)- Sotina (Slo)

The main roads are marked with prohibition signs.

The restriction does not apply to motor vehicles:

  • loading or unloading cargo in the following municipalities:
    • Eisenstadt (A)
    • Rust (A)
    • district Eisenstadt (A)
    • Mattersburg (A)
    • District Sopron (H)
    • Bezirk Oberpullendorf (A)
    • Neuhaus am Klausenbach (A)
    • Mühlgraben (A)
    • Minihof-Liebau (A)
    • St. Martin an der Raab, Jennersdorf (A)
    • Grad (SLO) and
    • Kuzma (SLO).
  • going to the seat of the carrier's company.

Which border- crossing can I use?

  • Rattersdorf (B61)- Kőszeg (87)
  • Schachendorf (B63)- Bucsu (89)
  • Heiligenkreuz (B65)- Rábafüzes(8)
  • Nickelsdorf -(B10)-Hegyeshalom (M1).

Click here to download the map of the restriction (zoomable).


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