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Slovenia: new traffic ban for heavy goods vehicles

Slovenia has introduced a new traffic ban

From 1st June 2019 new rules apply to the transit traffic of trucks with a gross weight of 7.5t and over in Slovenia. The regulation prohibits transit traffic at border crossing points which can only be accessed by main roads or regional roads. The freight traffic has to use the A1, A4 and A5 motorways. The restriction does not apply to motor vehicles loading or unloading cargo and traffic to the cross-border counties in Croatia.

The new law regulates the Italian, Slovenian and Croatian transit traffic of heavy goods vehicles over 7.5 t MPW. These vehicles have to use motorways instead of main roads.  The main roads are marked with prohibition signs.

The affected roads

The restriction applies to vehicles over 7.5 t MPW traveling from Italy to Croatia or vice versa. They must not use:

  • the Postojna-Jelšane section of the G1-6 road,
  • the Kozina-Starod section of the G1-7

These vehicles have to use the A1 and A2 motorways.

The restriction does not apply to motor vehicles:

  • loading or unloading cargo
  • going to the seat of the carrier's company and
  • traffic to the following counties in Croatia: Istrska, Primorsko-Goranska és Ličko-Senjska – Istria, Kvarner, Lika and Gorski Kotar. 


Cross-border points

Earlier heavy goods vehicles over 7,5 t passing through Slovenia have used the Središče ob Dravi and Zavrč border crossings leaving the A4 motorway. So, they crossed the main roads and regional roads in Croatia. This operation is prohibited from 1stJune. It is also forbidden to leave the A1 motorway and use the Dobovec and Bistrica ob Sotli border crossings. This border crossing point can only be used if the heavy goods vehicle starting point or destination (e.g. loading, unloading, the seat of the carrier's company) is in the Croatian counties of Varaždin and Medžimurje and vice versa. Freight traffic with a starting point or destination in Slovenia shall not be restricted.

In accordance with the rules on border crossing points in the Republic of Slovenia, the border crossing points of Gibina, Razkrižje, Ormož and Zgornji Leskovec are restricted for freight traffic over 3.5 t maximum allowed weight. The transit traffic of trucks over 7.5 t can only use A1, A4 and A5 motorway.


Source: Promet.si