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The Új Média Kft. is the publisher of the most popular traffic magazines in Hungary. We have been providing our readers with detailed truck driving restrictions data since 2001. Our aim is to provide truck and bus drivers all over Europe with reliable truck ban information. Our goal is to help you comply with the law in all European countries.

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Czech information website for truckers

The Association of Road Transport Operators ČESMAD BOHEMIA has just launched a new platform (website and mobile application) for foreign truck drivers. Visit www.transit.tir.cz for current traffic restrictions, road closures, specific driving conditions related to construction works, regulations, tolls and fines.

The webpage is also available in English.

Increased controls on Czech motorways

The Czech motorways are under an extensive reconstruction this year. The Czech police warn the truck drivers to observe the following rules:

  • Keep as far to the right as possible in the right lane for trucks, to enable cars to pass safely in the le" narrowed lane
  • Do not overtake just before or after a closure, even if there are no signs explicitly prohibiting this.

The police conduct increased surveillance at problematic points and the Czech authorities are also able to identify foreign drivers.


Source: Cesmad Bohemia