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German and french minimum wage in 2020


From 1st January 2020 the german minimum wage has increased to 9,35 euros per hour, which is paid foreign drivers for their working time in Germany (posting).

The driver’s allowances also increase:

  • meal allowance € 251 / month (€ 8.37 / day)
  • accommodation allowance € 231 / month (€ 7.7 / day)


Minimum wages (posting) are also rising in France from January 2020. The new hourly rate can be found in the table below.

Hourly pay for workers in the road transport
Valid from 1 January 2020




Hourly rate

3 bis

Driver of a vehicle up to 3,5 tonnes MPW


10.15 €


Driver of a heavy goods vehicle more than 3,5 tonnes and up to 11 tonnes MPW


10.15 €


Driver of a heavy goods vehicle more than 11 tonnes and up to 19 tonnes MPW


10.15 €


Driver of a heavy goods vehicle more than 19 tonnes MPW


10.15 €


International driver of a vehicle over 3.5 tonnes MPW (international road transport) *


10. 21 €

*Note: according to the French national agreement, drivers conducting international transport of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are in group 7. What does it mean? If we deliver to France, we have to pay the following wages to our drivers:

  • delivering with a vehicle up to 3,5 tonnes: 10,15 € / hour
  • delivering with a vehicle over 3,5 tonnes: 10,21 € / hour

Hourly rate should be increased by +2%, +4%, +6% and +8% after  2, 5, 10 and 15  years of service in the company.

​If you would like to read more about french minimum wage click here.

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